Seeds for Pollinators FAQ's

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our seed bombs:

How do I use Seeds for Pollinators?
Our seed bombs are ideal for adding plants that benefit pollinators to your garden or outdoor space. To plant a seed bomb, place it halfway into the soil and keep it well-watered until seedlings emerge. We recommend planting them between 6" to 10" apart.

How many seeds come in each tin?
Each seed bomb has about a dozen seeds - with 12 seed bombs in each tin.

What time of year should I use seed bombs?
Spring is the best time to use them when there's plenty of rain and warming temperatures. You could also scatter them in the summer of fall, though you may not see a bloom in the first year of growth. Seed bombs can also be started indoors any time of year; just push them into filled flats and provide even amounts of water.

Should I break apart or crumble the seed bombs?
You should not break apart any of the seed bombs as it would compromise the effectiveness of the seeds inside and leave them unprotected from outdoor elements. Instead, just put them in the soil as-is.

What's the benefit of using seed bombs vs. seed packets?
Our seed bombs are designed to protect seeds from factors that could hinder the success of traditional loose seeds. The shell of compost and clay acts as a shield to protect seeds from winds that could scatter them to unwanted places and from animals that could eat the seeds. This shell also provides soil for the seedlings can begin to germinate and grow in. Our carefully-chosen mixes also provide a diverse range of plants that are known to attract and sustain native pollinators.

What region of the United States are these recommended for?
Seeds for Pollinators are designed with a blend of native and naturalized plants ideal for the east coast/New England region. These plants were chosen because of their winter hardiness and ability to self-sow and target the needs of a variety of pollinators endemic to the northeast. Some areas of eastern Canada and areas in the US east of the Mississippi River would also provide good climates for the plants in each mix.

What regions are these not recommended for?
These seeds are not suggested for use in the mid west, south or west coasts due to differing temperatures. They're also not suggested for additional areas we haven't listed because of strict rules surrounding the types of plant material allowed in different countries (due to their affect on native plant populations). Feel free to contact us at to ask if your area would be suitable for them if you're not sure.

How long will my Seeds for Pollinators tin keep?
Our seed bombs are meant to be used during the first growing season you acquire them. Due to the variety of seed included in each ball, some seeds will remain viable longer than others. To store them longer-term, be sure to keep them in a cool, dark, and dry place.