Seeds for Pollinators - Bee Mix

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Each tin of Seeds for Pollinators contains 12 seed bombs to grow in your garden, yard, or plant pot!

Our Bee Mix includes: Alyssum, Borage, Catmint, Coreopsis, Lemon Balm, and Tithonia.

Each seed bomb is handmade with organic compost, clay, and non-treated seeds. Tins measure 3.5” wide x 1.25” tall and include a second label with mix info and planting instructions.

Seed bombs and their packaging are 100% made in the USA. The tins are recyclable, though we recommend saving them to reuse! Check out our Monarch Mix here

Seeds for Pollinators is a collaboration between my husband and I. To learn more about Seeds for Pollinators and how to plant them, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: our seed mixes contain a blend of native and naturalized plants designed for use in the Northeast/New England region (they are not suggested for use in the Midwest or West Coast). If you're unsure whether or not these are a good fit for your location, please feel free to email for additional info.

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